About us

Who We Are

Sentineo is a team of dedicated engineers with their specific expertise. More than ever, IOT electrical design needs a team of engineers with different backgrounds. We can provide a broad range of expertise to help kick start your project and achieve results quickly.

Our Skills

Power Electronics
Analog Electronics
Biomedical Electronics
Embedded Control + RF Electronics
Mechatronics Integration

Meet the team

Piet Callemeyn, PhD

/ Power electronics expert

Valentijn De Smedt, PhD

/ Analog electronics expert

Matthias Hendrickx

/ Embedded hardware expert

Wim Moreau

/ Mechatronics integration expert

Joachim Taelman, PhD

/ Biomedical & sports use case expert, algorithm wizard

Sven Decock

/ Seasoned Embedded hardware guru, RF expert

Annabelle Di Lallo

/ Administrative Assistant

Ben Wynants

/ Business modeling expert

Our Philosophy

We are truly convinced that the current IOT design challenges need an engineering team with diverse backgrounds. More than ever, a combination of skills is needed to achieve your IOT embedded hardware solution. Sentineo is a one-stop shop for custom electronics design, having all necessary hardware skills available in-house.
We are a team of enthusiastic engineers and entrepreneurs. We work together in changing team compositions, depending on the client’s needs. Most of all, we are good friends having fun tackling your design challenges to achieve a perfect solution!
Your perfect IOT solution can only be perfect when it comes with the right support. We deliver support even when the project is finished. We can help you set up your use-cases, do in-the-field interventions and make updates to your product if needed.
So, you have a perfect IOT solution, but now you want to scale it up to production? Our team has the right connections in Europe and Asia to step towards production with your prototype. We can assist you in the complete production process from start to finish. Even to the extent where you can sit back and wait for your products to be delivered on your doorstep, fully-tested and assembled.
Are you interested in joining our team? Do you have similar or additional skills that could be interesting for our team? We are looking for optimistic engineers or entrepreneurs that are in for a challenge!